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Meet the members of our office!

jeff.ashx.jpegJeff Cox
Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs

I provide administrative oversight and policy interpretation and development for most aspects of faculty life, from recruitment to retirement and most things in between. I chair the campus tenure and promotion committee (VCAC), Acedemic Review and Planning Advisory Committee, Salary Equity Appeals Committee, and various others.

I can be reached at avcjeff.cox@colorado.edu, or at 303/492-5491.





CizmarKristina Cizmar
Faculty Information System (FIS) Business Analyst

I support the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs on matters of faculty data and related policy. I also manage our Faculty Information System (FIS) database, which tracks personnel actions including hiring, tenure and promotion, and career history. I am the primary support person on campus for the Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA), completed by faculty as part of the annual merit evaluation process, and also used as a source of data for VIVO CU-Boulder.  Additionally, I handle reporting requirements for all faculty personnel actions on the Regents’ Agenda and the Chancellor’s Delegation Report.

I can be reached at Kristina.Cizmar@colorado.edu or at 303/492-3055.



Andre Grothe
Director of Academic Review

I provide administrative support to the Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee, the faculty body responsible for reviewing academic units. I work to coordinate the proceedings of the panel and the supporting internal and external review committees.

I can be reached at arpac@colorado.edu or at 303/492-4603.

Randy Pyers
Program Assistant

I am the primary Faculty Affairs liaison for the routing of faculty offer letters, faculty retirement agreements, faculty annual merit evaluations, and annual sabbatical and post-tenure review summary reporting. Our office maintains faculty personnel data in the Faculty Information System (FIS) database, and I support this effort with data entry, reconciliation, and reporting. I also create the monthly delegation report. I can be reached at Randal.Pyers@colorado.edu, or at 303/492-7351.

I can be reached at Randal.Pyers@colorado.edu or at 303/492-7351.

Suzanne W. Soled
Director of Faculty Relations

My work focuses on activities intended to foster a positive and productive working environment for faculty members. I provide direct conflict resolution services as well as coaching and training to help faculty and academic administrators manage conflict in their professional relationships. When appropriate, I recommend changes in policies and procedures to enable the University community deal to more effectively with issues of conflict and conduct. I also investigate allegations of unprofessional behavior or faculty misconduct (excluding discrimination and sexual harassment) and make recommendations for administrative action.

I can be reached at suzanne.soled@colorado.edu, or at 303/492-0447. 

Carolyn Tir
Professional Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor

I provide administrative oversight for campus recruitment and faculty hiring activities, and receive and review offer letters for 100% (full-time) faculty through cuoffer@colorado.edu. I also provide administrative support for the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee (VCAC), which is the campus-level review committee for faculty comprehensive review, tenure and promotion cases.

I can be reached at carolyn.tir@colorado.edu or at 303/492-6407.





Liz Tomich
Director of the FIS Development Team

My role is to guide the direction of our internal team of developers working on the Faculty Information System (FIS) and to support reporting and process needs related to faculty data for the Boulder campus. FIS was developed by the Boulder campus and serves as the main resource for data on the faculty. The system tracks personnel actions such as faculty hiring, tenure and promotion, career history, information on faculty research interests and professional activities.  Additional applications managed by the FIS Team include the Faculty Report of Professional Activities (FRPA), an important tool for the annual evaluation process and the VIVO CU-Boulder project, an online search and discovery profile system that highlights faculty research and expertise.  Our projects extend beyond the Boulder campus as UCCS has recently adopted the suite of FIS applications, and we continue to work with the VIVO open-source community to build a national research network.  

I can be reached at tomich@colorado.edu or at 303/492-4226.




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