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Faculty Career Milestones

Faculty Titles

This section outlines the various faculty titles available on campus and the requirements for their use.

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Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure

Outstanding faculty members are an essential element of a great university. Faculty are subject to rigorous review processes during their life as a faculty member on this campus. These processes are guided largely by departmental bylaws and criteria; however, there are overarching campus policies and procedures to which all units must adhere. The following links will connect you to the campus guidelines and policies corresponding to these faculty events.

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Recruitment and Hiring

Instructional appointments are one of the most essential activities of the departmental hiring unit. The recruitment and hiring processes for tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty are extremely varied. In this section, the guidelines for recruiting and hiring multiple faculty groups are outlined. Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs if you have any questions about this process.

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Evaluation and Compensation

Compensation is a crucial aspect of retaining engaged, quality faculty. The University of Colorado at Boulder strives to provide our students with a quality education, with the faculty being the essential element in insuring we offer superb instruction. The faculty is also engaged in creating cutting edge knowledge and serving the campus, Colorado, and the academic community. There is a direct correlation between competitive faculty compensation and the quality of the University’s academic programs. As such, the quality compensation afforded our faculty maintains a high priority during the annual budget planning process. Merit is the key factor in determining faculty compensation; each unit conducts a faculty review of annual merit. The campus may also use structural adjustments for market, career merit, salary equity, and promotion.

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Leaves and Sabbaticals

Faculty leave takes two main forms: paid and unpaid leaves of absence. There are several types of leave which fall under these two main categories. A faculty member is considered to be on a leave of absence when she or he takes a leave from their regular duties during the period of service outlined in their letter of offer. This section outlines the various types of leaves available to our faculty and the modes by which a faculty member can apply for these leaves. Request forms for faculty leave can be found on the Forms section of our website.

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